Company News

  • Snibe received CE List A Certificate for HBV Detection

    Release Date:2022-05-26

    Shenzhen, China, 26 May 2022-- Snibe has received the CE List A Certificate for 5 MAGLUMI® CLIA immunoassays of Hepatitis B virus (HBV) detection, covering Anti-HBc IgM, Anti-HBs, HBeAg, Anti-HBe, and anti-HBC. Up to now, 6 CLIA immunoassays for HBV detection have all obtained CE List A Certificate, besides the MAGLUMI® HBsAg (CLIA) Assay.  
  • Snibe Gets CE Mark for COVID-19 Antigen Self-Testing

    View Count:5373      Release Date:2022-05-26

    Recently, Snibe receives the CE mark for its RapisafeTM SARS-CoV-2 Ag test (Colloidal Gold), which further confirmed that the quality of our Self-Testing kits is in line with international standards.
  • Snibe announced a global strategic cooperation with Thermo Fisher Scientific

    View Count:18936      Release Date:2019-08-31

    From August 29th to 31st, 2019, the 15th National Congress of Laboratory Medicine (NCLM 2019), hosted by Chinese Medical Association and Chinese Society of Laboratory Medicine, was held at Suzhou International Expo Centre.
  • Snibe Assays Pass the IFCC-RELA 2022

    View Count:2942      Release Date:2022-12-09

    Recently, Snibe has passed the IFCC External Quality Assessment Scheme for Reference Laboratories in Laboratory Medicine (IFCC-RELA), and 9 assays from Snibe reference laboratory achieved excellent results during the assessment, including 25-OH-Vitamin D3, 17-OH Progesterone, AP, ALT, Amylase, AST, CK, GGT and LDH.
  • Snibe Collaborates with PKU SBMS to Launch Multicenter Study of HCC

    View Count:3776      Release Date:2022-07-08

    Aiming to further explore the clinical application of serological indicators in early screening and diagnosis of HCC, the School of Basic Medical Sciences Peking University (SBMS, PKU) held an online meeting on June 25, 2022, to officially announce the launch of the project: Multicenter Study in Evaluating the Combination of Multiple Indicators in HCC Screening. Snibe is the exclusive industry supporter.
  • Snibe received CE certificate (List A) for MAGLUMI HBsAg (CLIA) Assay

    View Count:5208      Release Date:2022-04-01

    Snibe received the CE certificate (List A) for MAGLUMI® HBsAg (CLIA) assay On March 11, 2022. It further proves the high reliability of the quality and performance of Snibe products, as well as a verification of Snibe’s leading position in the field of chemiluminescence.