Snibe Shows Great Charms at EuroMedlab 2019 in Barcelona

Release Date:2019-05-27

EuroMedLab Barcelona 2019, the largest exhibition in the field of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine in Europe, which attracted more than 5000 participants, was held in Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB) from May 19th to 23rd, 2019.

As a gold sponsor, Snibe was proud to participate in this important laboratory medicine event in such a beautiful and historical city. With its 128sqm spectacular exhibition stand (Booth No.156), Snibe showed vistors three key product lines. 
The most eye-catching product among the exhibits was undoubtedly the CLIA  system MAGLUMI X8, which drew enthusiastic responses, and attracted high attention from experts in diagnostic field. 
Independently developed by Snibe Diagnostic, MAGLUMI X8 adopted single reaction cuvette and disposable tip needle design, integrated a large amount of patented technologies and broke the industry barriers; With up to 600 tests per hour, it can maximize labs efficiency with extremely small space.During the exhibition, typical products including MAGLUMI 800 and MAGLUMI 2000 Plus from chemiluminescence immunoassay system, Biolumi 8000 from integrated system and Biossays 240 Plus from biochemistry system, also attracted lots of professional audience, showed their keen interest in the powerful clinical test platform of Snibe and came to learn details. 

EuroMedLab Barcelona 2019 is a unique opportunity to exchange academic knowledge and visit one of Europe's largest commercial exhibitions of in-vitro diagnostic products.
Snibe MAGLUMI CLIA System has been used in University-Hospital of Padova (Italy) for over 6 years. Apart from routine use, there are many studies also carried out by Snibe MAGLUMI in the lab. Dean of the medical school, University of Padova, editor in Chief of the journal CCLM, Prof. Mario Plebani chaired an educational workshop and delivered a speech regarding to the pathway for introducing novel examination procedures in routine practice in accordance with ISO 15189:2012. Several Snibe MAGLUMI assays validation data have been shown in this study and the result shows that Snibe MAGLUMI Assays are valuable methods to be evaluated for use in clinical practice. 
Another Speaker Dr. João Mariano Pego, a MAGLUMI user from Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra - Portugal presented the study of Lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 level. Association with the acute coronary syndrome and the thrombotic burden.
In the second day of EuroMedLab, another educational workshop was chaired by Dr. Waleed Tamimi, King Abdulaziz Medical City, Saudi Arabia. He presented a study for validation of Snibe MAGLUMI Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Assay in Liver Diseases and the conclusion shows both methods agreed with each other in evaluating patients with cirrhosis and HCC. 
Dr. Susana Cuesta is a Scientific Advisor of Eurofins-Megalab in Spain. She shared the current trend of Diabetes marker and the experience of using Snibe MAGLUMI Diabetes panel in her speech.
As a leading brand of Chemiluminescence Immunoassay solution from China, Snibe has been focusing on CLIA solution for 24 years and has exported its products to more than 144 countries with 10000 units installed. Warmly welcome to join Snibe, developing together and realizing win-win strategy together!