Snibe Showcases Total Lab Solution at WorldLab-EuroMedlab!

Release Date:2023-05-25

WorldLab-EuroMedlab, the biggest European congress in the field of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine with more than 5,000 delegates and 4,000 visitors from over 100 countries, is successfully held at La Nuvola-Roma Convention Group on May 21-25, 2023. Snibe attends as a platinum sponsor, and brings about the latest innovation and cutting-edge technology to global visitors.

This time, Snibe makes the first debut of X-Serie products in Roma, and attract the most attention. MAGLUMI X-Serie includes the compact model MAGLUMI X3, the newly released flexible model MAGLUMI X6, and the ultra-speed model MAGLUMI X8, which aim to meet the different demand of laboratory. All of them adopt our revolutionary X-Tech to give you an extreme experience of excellent performance.

At the same time, our new member of our biochemistry product line Biossays C8, the fully automatic biochemical analyzer also make its appearance. Biossays C8 has a high throughput of 1600 t/h in single module, and it can also connect with the ultra-high-speed CLIA analyzer MAGLUMI X8 to achieve ultra-high speed throughput and meet the needs of medium- and large-sized hospitals or labs. Additionally, our new star in molecular diagnostic, Molesicion S6 the Digital PCR System, as well as Molecision MP-32 the Fully Automatic Nucleic Acid Purification System, and Molecision R8 the Fully-Automated Molecular Diagnostics System, are also showcased on-site, offering a range of molecular diagnostic solution to our global customers.

Snibe also invites 6 top professors to give marvelous lectures around the new insights into immunoassays and laboratory medicine at ROOM 3 in three days from May 22 and May 24. The hot topics and advanced research of immunoassays have been discussed in the educational  workshops. In these extraordinary workshops, we sincerely appreciates all the professors for their participation in clinical application lectures and sharing new insights into immunoassays.

Snibe has been focused on the field of in vitro diagnostics for 28 years. Its products have been covering over 151 countries and regions worldwide, with more than 25,000 installations globally. Snibe will continue to provide comprehensive services and high-quality products to our customers, and strive to advance the global healthcare industry. Thanks for you participation at EuroMedlab 2023 and see you next time!