Snibe Showcases Total Lab Automation at MEDLAB 2020

Date de sortie:2020-02-06

Confronted with increasing demand of patient care, laboratories are looking for automation solutions to address problems like high workload of sample handling and long testing time. At the 19th MEDLAB Middle East, Snibe joint hand with ThermoFisher to launched its Total Lab Automation SATLAS-TCA, demonstrating its strength of driving labs efficiency. Combining pre- and post- analytical modules, SATLAS-TCA is an ideal laboratory automation solution for large and middle hospitals or labs to create more efficient workflows and satisfy special needs through connecting the selected analyzers. 

In addition to Total Laboratory Automation Solutions, MAGLUMI X8, the world's fastest automatic CLIA system also attract many visitors. 

As one of the most influential medical exhibitions across the world, MEDLAB Middle East 2020 attracted more than 25,800 professional visitors. It not only provides a great platform for all visitors to broaden their horizons when physicians and operators can experience the newest technologies which will be apply to healthcare system years to come, but help manufactures learn the most leading edge information in academic communication.

Snibe has been focusing on CLIA solution for 25 years and has brought its products to more than 145 countries with 12,000 units installed. Snibe always keep creating value for human health through continuous innovation to provide more wonderful choices for more clients.