Snibe attended the 24th BCLF 2016 as a PLATINUM SPONSOR in Albania

Release Date:2016-10-11

Snibe, as a leader in Chinese IVD market and a pioneer in global diagnosis field, has attended 24th BCLF 2016 as a PLATINUM SPONSOR at Tirana from 5th to 7th October, 2016.

The 24th Balkan Clinical Laboratory Federation Meeting and the 4th Albanian National Conference of Laboratory Medicine is an important scientific event organized successfully every year in Balkan countries. This year there were about 300 doctors or professors from hospitals or laboratories of Balkan countries have joined in this event.

As the PLANTINUM SPONSOR, Snibe was invited by the organizing committee to do a workshop during the conference at 2:00PM of 6th October, 2016. We have chosen the topic “H.pylori, an early serum marker for Gastric Disease” to illustrate the importance of diagnosis of Gastric Cancer at early stage and also the complete panel, like H.pylori, Gastrin-17, PGI, PG II and PGI/PGII, for the early-stage diagnosis of Gastric 

Disease supplied by Snibe.

Snibe have also exhibited 2 Magmui 800 at the one of the two exhibition rooms. Malgumi 800 was very popular in Balkan countries because it supplied a much better solution for those small-sized labs there. During the Conference, a lot potential end users have shown their strong interest in Maglumi System and also impressed much by the comprehensive test of Snibe.