Overseas Exhibition

Item Conference Title Conference Name Date Appointment
1 Medica 2018.11.12-15/Dusseldorf, Germany Attend
2 AACC 2018.07.31-08.03/Chicago, USA, Booth No.: 2848 Attend
3 Mediconex 2018.04.14-16/Cairo, Egypt Attend
4 Medlab Asia Pacific 2018.04.03-05/Singapore/Booth No.: K10 Attend
5 Africa Healthcare Week 2018.03.05-07/Olympia, London Booth No.: A54 Attend
6 Medlab 2018.02.05-08/Dubai, UAE/Booth No.: Z5 C20 Attend
7 Medica 2017.11.13-16/Dusseldorf,Germany/Booth No.: Hall 3A E51 Attend
8 Worldlab 2017.10.23-25/Durban, South Africa/Booth No.74,75,76,77 Attend
9 Labcomplex 2017.10.17-19/Ukraine Attend
10 Medic&Medlab West Africa 2017.10.11-13/Lagos,Nigeria/Booth No. 3E10 Attend
11 Medic&Medlab East Africa 2017.10.03-05/Nairobi,Kenya/Booth No. 5.D18 Attend
12 SBPC 2017.09.26-29/Sao Paulo,Brazil/Booth No.: 09 Attend
13 COLABIOCLI / XXIII Congreso Latinoamericano de Bioquímica Clínica 2017.09.17-20/Uruguay/Booth No.: 07 Attend
14 Medlab Europe 2017.09.13-15/Barcelona,Spain Attend
15 VIETNAM MEDI-PHARM EXPO 2017 IN HCMC 2017.08.17-19/Vietnam Attend
16 AACC 2017.08.01-03/San Diego, CA, USA/Booth No.4845 Attend
17 Euromedlab 2017.06.12-14/Athens, Greece/Booth No. 20 Attend
18 2017 Laboratory Medicine Congress 2017.05.19-21/Durban,South Africa Attend
19 CMEF Spring 2017.05.15-18/Shanghai, China Attend
20 JNBC 2017.05.12-14/Tunisia Attend
21 Meditex 2017.05.04-07/Bangladesh Attend
22 PSP/The Philippin society of Pathologists 65th convention 2017.04.26-28/Philippines Attend
23 Mediconex 2017.04.08-10/Cairo,Egypt/Booth No. H5-13 Attend
24 Medlab Asia Pacific 2017.04.03-05/Singapore/Booth No:. J10 Attend
25 Medlab Middle East 2017.02.06-09/Dubai, UAE/Booth No: Z4 D10 Attend
26 14th Asia-Pacific Federation for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine Congress 2016.11.26-29/Taiwan,China Attend
27 Medica 2016.11.14-17/Germany Attend
28 Medic&Medlab West Africa 2016.10.12-14/Nigeria Attend
29 Medic&Medlab East Africa 2016.09.27-29/Kenya Attend
31 The 34th International Congress of the ISBT 2016.09.04-07/Dubai Attend
32 AACC 2016.08.02-04/America Attend
33 JIB 2016.06.22-24/France Attend
34 JNBC 2016.05.12-14/Tunisia Attend
35 Meditex 2016.05.05-07/Bangladesh Attend
36 PSP/The Philippin society of Pathologists 65th convention 2016.04.27-29/Philippines Attend
37 Mediconex 2016.04.19-21/Egypt Attend
38 Medlab Asia Pacific 2016.03.22-24/Singapore Attend
39 Arab health 2016.01.25-28/Dubai Attend
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